Richness of Romanian villages

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

Often, people come to visit Romania to see the main cities all around the country. The most beautiful part isn’t what is the most known, it is where no one dare to go for a first time.

Around Sibiu for example, there are plenty of small villages. The neighborhood is friendly, as well as the countrymen are.

The main road between Sibiu and Sebes offer many villages that worth to stop by. When entering them, roads don’t exist anymore. The earth drew the paths.

In Orlat, the houses kept they old look, with a big portico as the main entrance. Sometimes there is a sidewalk, with a channel that leads to the road, to get around the raining water.

In Sibiel, on the main square, there is also a well with an old bucket, still in use. There is also a big shed, which is still used to kill animals and make meat.

The countryside between these villages is beautiful. It is easy to enjoy it by walk, or if you are lucky, to be picked up by a carriage.

On the way, once it is sunny, many people work. You can see foxes, shepherd riding their sheep with his three dogs, and an old couple working on vines.

The people you meet on the street in villages, mostly kids, always say “Buna Zua” (“Hello” in Romanian). They notice quickly that you are not from here by the way you look, your color (especially if you are ginger), the clothes you wear and the way you would answer. If you answer in English or not at all, they start making fun of you. The best is to answer them in Romanian, and you can also add “Ce Faci?” which means, “How are you doing”. If the person you are talking to answers with a “Si tu” (and you?) just say “Bune” (Fine) and keep going.

If you want to get to know more people along in the countryside you have to know a bit more of Romanian. It is the only language they speak. They are doing many effort to make themselves understable in English. Once you try in Romanian, they are friendlier and helpful.

Of course, they are also that kind of desperate persons, like that mother who was complaining about her husband. He was spending his time in a hospital in Sibiu.

The children were helping the family to labor. Young and single, they are following the quest of finding a wife.

Any of them were willing to help, and to share. They also ask for recognition. Once you show interest to them, you give them as much happiness as you receive from them.

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