Evangelic cathedral
Marie Damman

The sun went down. On the main square (piata Mare) of Sibiu, spot light turned on to enlighten the Romano-catholic church, Sfanta Treime to offer a great picture.

A Romanian from Sibiu explained that each circle on the main square was a place to kill people. He showed one of them, with a channel in the middle to let the blood run. Another one was for hanging.

A bit further, there is the council tower. From the top, there is a great view of the city. It is not recommended to visit it by night. The indoor lights remained on that it is not possible to see so much from the outside.

On the small square, piata Mica, the lights of Casa Luxembourg show the dark bridge of lies.  The bridge was built in 1859 as the first forged iron bridge in the whole country. The story tells that if a someone tell a lies while standing on the bridge, it would collapse. Of course, it never happened.

The next morning, the sun is sufficient to lighten everything. The pasajul scarilor (stairs passing) and the lower town are narrow. Under the daylight, it is beautiful to get lost there.

As each big town in Romania, it is easy to go by walk from one point to another. Beside, local buses drive to the Astra Museum, which is a bit outside the city. On the winter, it is still possible to walk around in the park, and see some houses. During the summer time, houses are open to the public and there are plenty of traditional activities along in the park.

Sibiu has also nice churches like the evangelic cathedral, which was closed for renovation. However, the orthodox cathedral remains offer a splendid visit of its inside.

Beside the old town, Sibiu also knew contrast with the new reformations. Piatia Unirii (Union square) confirmed it. The wide roads, big hostels and some small parks fill this place. A little bit further, there is the Astra park with the Astra library (which is not the same as the Astra museum, and not even near from each other). The Astra library is the first old building from piata Unirii to the City.

Winter doesn’t offer many things to do in the town. Some buildings are closed, fountains are empty and the main festivals in the city are in the summer holiday. One afternoon is enough to visit Sibiu in the supposed cold weather.

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