What keep me going on the reporting track

IStockPhoto - http://bit.ly/1fhnmej
IStockPhoto – http://bit.ly/1fhnmej

Several time you can hear from myself “This is tough” “I don’t like this” “I don’t like waiting” and some more complaining.

Well, you can also hear several times “This is why I love my job”. It is great to have some story that helps me to feel better.

I am thankful to my coworker who gave me this story to write about on a Saturday.

Like her, I like stories about social issue, and people. This was in my field.

At first, I could talk to people, feel what they were feeling and then, play their game.

The story was about a shooting in a teen-house.

I liked the story of one of the kid there. We talked quiet a lot.

Then, a photographer came to me, told me he wanted to shoot me because of my red hair. Another photographer wanted to practice how to studio shooting. I came to her as her guinea pig. It turned great!

The kid was looking at me, from behind the camera.

“The media is on the other side of the camera!” he shouted.

He was also enjoying the picture the amateur took of me

“Are you having fun?” he asked me.

I joked back.

“I am the reporter; I am the one who asks questions”

The amateur photographer was really happy too. After each picture, she was smiling behind her camera, which made me smiled too. We had that happiness connection between us.

I was telling people, this kind of experiment. Being a good reporter is being able to feel what people feel, and live what they live. A volunteer agreed, the kid laughed.

This was a great moment for me, and for the kids. I like when I have the opportunity to do what they do, and write about how it feels, in both way, for the news, and for myself on this blog.

Stories like this one remind me how being a reporter can be the best job of the world.


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