Brasov and its old architecture

Marie Damman - Saint Nicholas church on Piata Unirii
Marie Damman – Saint Nicholas church on Piata Unirii

There are things better than other to visit while you spend a weekend in Brasov. First of all, you visit the old center of Brasov, not the new one. There is nothing to see downtown. The old center is a little bit more South. You can recognize easily from the window of your transportation. On the top list, I would say to climb up the mountain, to the Hollywood sign of Brasov, in the Tampa. Then, if you like to hike, it is also in the neighborhood Schei, which is an old country-side neighborhood of Romanians while they were kicked off by the Germans notably. You can walk on narrow paths, just be cautious about cars, and dogs. Further in this neighborhood you can find a forest and a further place to hike. 

Back to the old town, it is nice to walk around and to see the old architecture surrounding squares. There is also a fort, ramparts and old churches such as the Black Church. Brasov kept its old buildings and walls, which make this town really pretty. Just one thing here, pay attention to the opening hours. On a Sunday, in winter, many things were closed, or closed earlier.

Then, you have also the Bran Castle. The most touristic place is located on the top of a hill. On its bottom, there is a market village for tourists. The rumor said it is Dracula castle, and people expect then to see like a haunted house. Bran Castle is only a nice, pretty castle, well arranged inside. All it had about Dracula was some history hung on the wall.  The Bran Castle was disappointed from the idea it spreads all around the world.

To stay, one of the best places is at LibertyVilla hostel. We paid 60 lei (13€) for 2 nights, in a room of six, with free coffee, tea, a living room and a kitchen. It looked like a house, rebuild to become a hostel. It is situated near Piatia Unirii in the old center. The bedrooms were comfy and warm. One of the bathrooms isn’t nicely put together. Upstairs, the bathroom has three showers and one toilet, no cubicles neither inside walls.  When someone took a shower, most of the time, the person locked himself in a room with three showers.

Anyway, the employees were really nice to travelers. They were ready to help if you had any questions and suggested to stay for a cup of tea.

Restaurants around Brasov can seem really cheap for foreigner but when you don’t pay attention, you see your bill increasing. As foreigner, we are able to eat in more luxurious places. The best to do to keep your budget is either to take a menu or a daily meal, or to go to the grocery store.  In the restaurant like Casa Romanesca, on Piata Unirii, you can easily eat from 20 (4€50) to 65 lei (15€). They menu make you want to try everything they have. The restaurant actually suggest traditional and specialties dishes. Besides, it is well situated for tourists.

Finally, to move in the city and to go from a touristic place to another the best way to do it is to take the bus. In the city, it costs 2 lei, and outside, 5 lei. If you ask for a cab, even though it is really cheap everywhere in Romania, the driver can notice easily you are a tourist, and turn off is counter. To go to Bran Castle, a taxi driver asked 100 lei (22€) for the 4 of us, while it is 5 (1€) per person by bus.

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