The best way to travel in Romania

Orthodox Cathedral of Cluj Napoca
Marie Damman

There are several cheap ways to move in Romania, to go from a town to another. Life here is also pretty cheap. Since most of the tourists and Erasmus students who come are from richer countries, we tend to spend much than we should. I enlighten for you the most expensive and the good advice to travel in this country. 

First of all, you have several transportations to go from a town to another. For the way Cluj-Napoca – Brasov, which is around 300 km, the cheapest way is to go hitch hiking. Romanians pick up hikers to make money. My friends paid around 30 lei (6,60€) for a round trip. On second position is to rent a car, it is around 20 euros a day and 20 euros for the gaz. I have two websites to advice if you look to rent a car from Cluj Napoca: this is the first one, and the second.

Then, you have the bus and the train. The first one cost 55 lei (12€), and you have only a mini bus, quickly full. The second costs 85 lei (19€). While we were traveling on the weekend, it seemed like the train station was unreachable but at the station. If you are looking for trains from Bucharest to Budapest, they live on Sunday around 3 pm, at 6:55 and at 09:37 pm.

Actually, the car and the public transportation are fighting the second position, according if you are traveling one day, doing a car trip, or staying for the weekend.

For 300 km, the car takes more than 4 hours, the bus 5 hours, and the train 7 hours. Hitch Hiking takes a little bit more time than the car, for the waiting time, but it is quiet easy to have someone to stop for you. It is also a way to change your plan and visit random places.

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