Life as an Erasmus student in Romania

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

We just got started our life as Erasmus Students. The week flew really fast. There is nothing to be afraid about when you want to start to study abroad. Here will help you to feel better, with few tips about integration.

First of all, try to make a friend before to get to the country. It can be useful to discover a new room and new people afterwards.

In Romania, in the A1 dormitory, the last floor is full of Erasmus students. When you are bored, it is the place to be.

The dormitory is a communist building, narrow hallway, one basic kitchen for one or two floors. When everybody is cooking at the same time, of course, it doesn’t work so well.

To avoid the kitchen trouble, you can always eat out. It is really cheap for delivery food and in restaurants. Delivery companies know the dormitory and they often get use to come in here, and to speak English with us as well.

Romania have French brands such as Carrefour and Auchan for grocery stores. They also have Kaufland, probably from an American brand. It is also cheaper there.

Some students don’t like to live with someone at the dorm. Often, our roommates didn’t have anyone the first semester, so we can hope no one would replace them on the second.  Some don’t want to wait and already found a place outside the campus. It is more expensive, more private and less crowded.

Once you met your room, your roommate and a few friends, you are influenced into the circle with the old Erasmus students, those who are actually leaving. They are very friendly and take the new one under their wings really quickly.

They are willing to show the best place to hangout, to help out and so more. Of course, some of them are in finals while others are in holiday and while new Erasmus students have the EILC course (Romanian course).

Romanian teachers and Romanian employees use to Erasmus. We are known as the party people. They know we use to come late, barely remain awake and we only enjoy our time here. They told us it is okay, until we succeed our course, have our presence and don’t disturb the neighborhood. One of the employee said that we should invite as many people as we can when we want to organize a party. Neighbors are always the first one to complain.

About alcohol, as an Eastern European country, it is really cheap, about 0,40€ a beer and same for a shot of tequila. Romanians have also cheap cigarettes. Nevertheless, they don’t have any kind of drug. The country prohibits it. It is also the case for us, the difference is they have much more control about it and you don’t get a fine when you get caught, you get to go to jail.

Anywhere you decide to go, you always find a buddy on your way. In the dormitory, you are never alone. Even in your room there is someone, you want to go out, you meet someone. The Erasmus world in Cluj is a small community where everybody helps each other.

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