The hippies’ paradise

Somewhere in the world is the paradise for hippies. This community lives everywhere but I found the one place where they wouldn’t ever leave.

That place is in the United States. I agree their system isn’t the best for the hippie community but states are independent from each other and can be really different to one another. Colorado may be the first state to allow marijuana, Washington the second, no one of them is the hippie’s paradise.

I am talking about a state which didn’t need to make a law about marijuana because its population consumes it anyway, anywhere. I am talking about California. In San Francisco, when you walk around in parks, you smell more marijuana than cigarette, and the smell is so good than our parents can’t even recognize it.

Of course, the hippie community is not only about marijuana. In fact, I know some of them who don’t consume any kind of drug. It’s okay, in San Francisco, everybody can find its place.

The neighborhood Haight-Ashbury is full of stores which sell hippies stuff such as clothes, accessories or bags. The stores looks like the kind you can find in Belgian festival but with cheaper items. You can find much more than you can do in Belgium or in France too.

I could find there a dress for my brother’s wedding. I bought it in a vintage clothes store. It sells costumes from the 1930s. You felt like visiting Ali Baba’s cave. I also found a huge craft store which made me want to start scratch-booking. There are also music stores which sell vinyl CD and Zen-stores to sell scent products.

You can also visit a nerd store. It sells figurines from cartoons, anime and videogames. In the middle of the hippie neighborhood, it could look strange but in fact, it shows that everybody has his place anywhere.

All around San Francisco, in the park, you can enjoy people juggle, even on New Year’s Eve. They play with bolas, a long cord that holds a ball. When they do have real bolas, they also make it, with flour and stocking.  It can be with light and colorful.

They would go groceries in small shop such as Whole Food or other organic stores. They are plenty of them in San Francisco.

Actually, the hippie community seems to be powerful. They make law to make life better for themselves, which mean a better control for organic food, good transportation services and freedom of identity.


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