With or without 3G?

Today, we can say the 3G is everywhere. 4G for most places too, and the 5G is coming ahead. In Belgium, politics blocked the access of the 4G, but we do have at least the third. It can be useful to have it as it can be wasting your experience.

It is really common in the current days to see people using their Smartphone to check out where to eat for the next meal or what to do when you are on vacation somewhere. A guy from Australia, who lives today in England told me once, guys don’t ask their way, they first check online. Girls ask Google too, I don’t.

When I am traveling in a country where my phone doesn’t work such as USA, I don’t plan to spend money on a 3G contract for only a couple months in the country. So here I have a pay-as-you-go phone, which looks more like 2G to me. I can use Facebook, and WIFI if I wish but it is really poor. I don’t even have foursquare on it. My American phone is a LG840G, compared to my Belgian phone, a Huawei G510-0100.

I actually don’t need a 3G phone, nowhere, mostly because I am traveling. You can go to people and ask your way when you get lost, you can ask someone when is the next tramway coming, you can meet locals and make new friends this way.

When you don’t have a 3G phone next to you, you have to write on piece of paper the name of the persons you meet (because it became odd to ask a number), you don’t take photos, so you are not a “selfie”. People take pictures of you and then you see yourself everywhere on Facebook.  Without a 3G, you are not called a mobile addict either, and instead, you spend most of you time talking to people, having fun and observe.

This is good only when you travel. When you live constantly in the same area, I agree, it can be interesting to think about the 3G. I could feel like someone from Mars when at school’s break time, I saw my friends going on Facebook, posting and liking.  I like also to try places I’ve never been to and because Internet remains cheaper than calling and texting, especially when there is WIFI around. So, in my home town, I used to have a 3G contract which I unsubscribed since I moved away. When I go back, I use a prepaid, so I only use the WIFI function.