Capitalism or communism, what difference does it make?

People use to say countries from the USSR got free of their communism leaders. The citizens are freer, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of everything.

Well, most of those societies got rid of their communism to enter the capitalism, the American way of life.

Here, we don’t have one leader, we have groups of them. We call them “brand.” Perhaps we can choose what to buy: Coca Cola or Pepsi in the U.S., great, but these big names take over smaller brand to try to monopolize a land. In Europe, Coca Cola won.

People under capitalism keep saying they feel free. No one is watching you anymore, you can do whatever you want and say anything you want to, until social networks came into our lives. Social networks helped capitalism government to fall into the communism without accepting themselves.

The NSA is watching all of us, especially on Facebook. Police officers found thieves on Facebook, and remember the leak by Edward Snowden at the beginning of last summer. He was an employee of the NSA.

Even Facebook created a firewall for when you’re drunk or in depression and using it.

If we were free, why would he have to hide himself now? Why would Julian Assange, from Wikileaks, immigrate to the Ecuadoran embassy in London without being able to do one step outside before risking his life? If we were really free, those personalities wouldn’t fight.

A capitalism government also chooses where to help. It uses to say it is for the best of everyone, like communism leaders used to say too. When they have money to split out, they keep it. The Belgian government could use his international money to send it directly to the dept bank account of poor countries. Instead, it used it to make an African museum in Brussels. How does this help others?

We could be proud of having education. Which kind? Communism had so much higher education and some of the student tried to use it against their leader. Since it is over, the education level went so much lower. The society make us stupid to be unable to fight against the capitalism.

Try to say out loud what the government does wrong, understand what you’re actually saying and pursue in your ideas. You would be the one pursued by the secret police. Yes, secrets still exist in our world. We need more fight to make the capitalism a real different world.

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