From point A to point B

I know I talk a lot about transportation, but seriously, rides make things much easier and nicer for everybody, at least when you know how to use it.

Here is my concern of the day: transportation fares in WashingtonState. I was looking how to move this weekend. Usually I find my way, but this time, it is so much more complicated!

Let’s take this example. I have to go 23 miles away, less than 30 minutes ride, from Seattle to northbound.  This time, I make things even harder: from Fremont to south of Boeing freeway in Everett.

I could take the Greyhound/ Amtrak bus, 20 dollars. It would take me to Everett station (remember your geography; it is more north than my destination is). Plus, I have to find the bus, and take another bus. Would take around 3 buses at the the total.

The most likely solution is public transportation. I should feel happy about that, until I see this:

  •             Take a metro bus, 2$25
  •             Take an sound transit bus 3$50
  •             Take a city transit 1$

Buses don’t have changes. Plus, the sound transit also drops me at the Everett Station. This doesn’t look better. Total duration: 2:10

I could give up to leave from Seattle; and go straight from my second home. It would be also 3 buses to take; the second one drops me at Everett Station. Total duration: 3:00 Total cost: 3$50 + 3$50 + 1$

Not so much easier. So my next thought was to take a car. I have my license, so why not? Oh right, I am young, from Europe, and don’t have a security number. Anyway, I still hope car owners wouldn’t figure that.

There is a car which is 31$ a day nearby my departure point. That’s seem okay, but how am I going to ride it back to its first point?

There are also plenty of Zipcard. They don’t look so expensive. How can I register? What, I have to send it back to the parking spot where I took it? This doesn’t help me.

By the way, since I’ve got my license, I drove a couple months in my home country, and it still scares me. Do you imagine how I would feel like by driving in America?

So, duration is an issue, and returning the car too. What do I have next? Taxi of course! Why didn’t think of that earlier?

Duration: 25 minutes.


Cost: 80$

Can I get a refund?

So what about hitch-hiking? This free, or gas sharing so that’s fine. I remember what my American family told me: not allowed in the State. Damn it! This would be so useful to me for once. Ginger girl, with French accent, standing on the road looking like a poor dog to have a car…I am pretty sure it would work.

Well, after analyzing every trip I could make, it seems like having your own car remain the best solution. Where is the hippy generation? I though I heard it grow up in the area, where nothing seem to help us.


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