Brainwashing in the United States

Tonight I saw on TV a second horrible commercial. It made me think, am I actually living in the freest country in the world? Commercials don’t confirm it.

The first advertisement I saw was about electronic cigarettes, Blue. The colors were only on black and white, but the cigarette, in blue. A handsome man, Stephen Dorff, known for Blade and Public Ennemies, was smoking it, saying that was his own freedom, reinvented the rules, with a close-up on his steam.


Either you keep smoking regular cigarette or electronic cigarettes, you keep smoking some shit. Perhaps the difference is for the passives smokers. Still, I wouldn’t be proud of hurting myself on a advertisement.

Remember, at first, electronic cigarettes were created to help people to stop smoking. Now, it became a lobby

The second advertisement was for UNICEF. The ambassador, Alyssa Milano, known for Melrose Place and Charmed, try to convince the audience to donate money. She has glittered eyes and plays with emotion. The advertisement shows also kids who look unhappy. The video seems to last forever.

I agree it is convincing. My thought is that kind of video can convince easily people who have not so much education. Unlikely, it is often the case in the United States.

First thing I wanted to do was to switch channel. These kinds of commercials send you away from critical mind.


If UNICEF were managing his donation correctly, the organization wouldn’t need a brainwashing video.

International humanitarian organizations are asking for money only to keep their name and their job. Helping the third world isn’t about helping businesses, it is about giving free time, supplies, and help poor people according to your own field, not theirs.

Take a moment to think. If humanitarian organizations really wanted to erase the poorness, they would first attack our occidental society. They would use their money to prepare a real action plan. They would beg international meeting such G8 to change their politic about poorness.

Remember, helping the other is not by helping your own society to keep turning the same way. Everyone is able to make the wheel turn on the opposite way. All you need is to learn about critical mind, and avoid brainwashing. Even in the United States, brainwashing exists, just like communism countries.