Waiting days

There are days, as a reporter, when no one picks up the phone and no one calls you back. So you I try to email and no one answers.

Those days, you wait, wait, and wait. Wait to call back without being too intrusive, and wait to have an email back without being spamming.

While waiting, I use to do some research on the internet. It helps to have me tighter questions when I finally get in touch with someone. I read the news and try to find something else interesting to write about. Well, this doesn’t work out well. Today, everybody is talking about Mandela’s death. Not on my coverage.

So I’d like to read a book, to go out have a beer, or play on the internet. My city editor is right behind me and reporters all around; this is not gonna happen.

Instead I eat. It was a good plan to never bringing cookies with me at work! I drink, water of course, or go for a walk to grap a cup of coffee.

What I like the most to do when I am bored is to walk around and talk to my co worker. At the same time I try to grap a story, until my city editor take me back to my seat with one of his story to write about.

When I am done with someone’s story, I wait again, and again, and again. I am actually happier when I have to stay late because I’ve got a hard story to work on. This doesn’t happen so often.

Instead, I blog. It seems the perfect thing to do. People think I work, and I express myself. Perfect deal.

I know what the next day is going to look like: start around 9 a.m., try to call again, leave another voice mail, send an email, and same thing happening again; until someone actually pick up that phone and give me some good stuff to write about.

I should also bring some home chocolate for my next boring days…

Worse is, being bored on the week avoid me to have fun on the weekend. People are more available when working days are over. It is the best time to meet people and go to the news, and actually work. Good thing is, I like my job, even if sometime I only want to spend time with my friends.