Drive or bleed

This happens when you walk
This happens when you walk

I thought I could write about this later but I can’t wait anymore.

Life in the United States is really hard for pedestrians. I wouldn’t say so in San Francisco or Seattle of course. When you go outside of the biggest cities, it is really complicated to live without having your own car.

Sometimes, you have a job which require to go to people, to meet them, talk to them, and see what is going on; or sometimes, to have a social life. My newspaper cover an area North of Seattle, without including that city. So when something happens, it is in one of the smaller cities where buses don’t go.

For my first month of my internship, I used to go with another reporter, with a photographer and mostly go in the neighborhood where my feet can carry me.

Today I went further. From what Google told me, it should have been okay.

Well, when I took off my shoes,  I saw a big bloodstain on my white sock.

Nothing really matters, but worse it, I didn’t feel it. We are in December and it is around 3°C outside.

I was suppose to try three places from my list, I could make it to only one, but went to another one which wasn’t on my original plan. The two others are impossible to go by bus.

In Washington, there are bunch of buses. They don’t leave at the same time, have the same price or neither the same time duration. For example, to go from Everett to Tacoma (means to go through Seattle), around 2 hours away, you can take the Greyhound bus for 40 dollars round trip, the Amtrak bus for 30 dollars, or the sound transit for 14 dollars, same price for the Community transit. For these two lasts, you have to change buses at Seattle. The Amtrak leaves always with delay. I have space for my carry-on luggage in Amtrak and Greyhound. There are also trains, but never leave on the right time.

Of course, there is no one to tell you which way is the best, because everyone go everywhere by car.

On my daily life, I rarely take a car, can’t afford a lease. When I need food, I walk around 30 minutes one way, go shopping, and come back, 30 minutes. This is for the closest grocery store. What about going to the mall? I don’t even think about it!

Sometimes, my flatmate or my host mom, or my sister takes me shopping. I mostly buy online though. I don’t like the idea of being baby-sit everywhere I’d go only because I need a ride.

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