“Knowing that anyone can’t get in, make me feel safer”

Americans don’t know how hard it is for Europeans to come into their country. They learn it when they meet an European on their way. Their respond? They feel safer in their huge country.

Hold on. You feel safe in a country made by Europeans, while housed Europeans can’t get into their new continent. You feel safe in a country that allows gun; that raises their children in a poor school’s level, and shows that they could someday control the whole world.

I feel safer in my own home where everyone is allowed; where I can go studying in another country, even if it was part of USSR and the poorest of my continent. I do feel secure in a country where public transportations are growing; where no guns are allowed and no one speaks the same language.

To come in America, we have to stay less than 90 days, come only once in a while and avoid suspiciousness of the immigration officers. Even if we are Europeans who don’t look like a terrorist, we can still get stuck at some point of our entrance process. When we fail, or if we didn’t respect the rules meticulously, then, we can’t go to the U.S anymore, unless we try another entrance process, which costs fees. To get a tourist VISA, B-2, an immigration officer at the embassy gives an interview to candidates. He has his own awareness to decide if the candidate is able or not to travel into USA. It doesn’t mean you can get in, only you can travel. Once arrived in the US, if another immigration officer doesn’t like your face, he can send your back home, even with a VISA in your passport.

I don’t feel like this is safety, I feel this as fear and unthankful. Most of the people who want to travel into the US aren’t people who want to run a coup d’état.  It makes more people in the territories as illegal stay, so they can’t travel anymore in and out the country. Too many rules, too many advertisements, about how to behave, make the population obeyed. Obedience makes people doing worse, being sheep or criminals.

Americans still celebrate Thanksgiving, to thanks for the land they stole. They are proud of being Americans, even though they’re from the old continent with whom they made up a border wall with. The government claim about safety while it let criminal to shoot children at school, while politicians are fighting about either or not letting people carrying weapons. Again, defenders say guns would protect you. For sure, the government isn’t protecting his citizens and still wants to prove to the world they can be powerful.